October 12-14, 2017, Surabaya, Indonesia


Surabaya is the capital of East Java province and the biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia with the inhabitant approximately 3 million Peoples. Surabaya well known as Heroic City , the date was taken from the glory of Raden Wijaya, the first king of Majapahit who against China troops. Surabaya is a metropolitan city in which have religious nuances, the community had the feeling of the high solidarity and the spirit of heroism that never knew surrendered. Surabaya has many attractive places such as the heroes monument, museum, suramadu bridge, etc.

Museum of Surabaya, a museum devoted to the historical development of the surabaya city over time. The City Government will store items that related to governance and development of the city. Among other things, documents that show the death certificate and the birth of the past that is centuries old. In addition, a locomotive that had been placed at the abattoir complex immediately moved to the museum. This museum was established on 3 May 2015.

The Museum Perjuangan 10 Nopember (Museum of the November 10 Struggle), was established to commemorate the heroic efforts of Surabayans during the battle against Allied forces of 10 November 1945. Established in 2000 in the Heroes' Monument complex, the museum is a highlight of Surabaya visits. Its collection includes items inherited from the renowned hero Bung Tomo and an authentic tape recording of his vigorous speech to awaken the spirit of the people to achieve freedom, which is broadcast on a vintage radio. Dioramas depicting the heroism of Surabayans, who resisted the Allied forces armed only with sharpened bamboo sticks and confiscated weaponry, are displayed on the first floor.

Heroic Monument (Tugu Pahlawan), a 41 meter high monument, is the main symbol of Surabaya and commemorates the heroes of the revolutionary struggle. This monument dedicated to the people who died during the Battle of Surabaya on November 10, 1945. There is a museum on location as well, showing remainders of the struggle for independence, The 10th November Museum.

The Suramadu Bridge toll road connects Surabaya and Madura Island over the Madura Strait. Suramadu is an abbreviation of Surabaya-Madura. A 16-kilometer highway will be built from the Suramadu Bridge to Madura International Seaport-City (MIS-C) in Pernajuh village, Kocah district, Bangkalan, Madura at a cost of approximately Rp60 billion (USD 7 billion). This container port was built to ease the burden on Surabaya’s overloaded Tanjung Perak Port.

Al Akbar is the biggest mosque in Surabaya with modern and unique architecture style. It resides in south Surabaya region, precisely at Pagesangan street, and it close to turnpike Surabaya-Gempol. By the strategic location, it makes easily accessible by visitors from various areas, outside Surabaya. This mosque is also known as The Great Surabaya Mosque or Masjid Agung Surabaya. The Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya blends modern and traditional motifs. An active place of worship, the temple opens at daybreak and its marketplace deals in sundry items ranging from food and drinks to household supplies and clothing. The dome of the mosque is teal-coloured, and off to the side visitors take an elevator to the top of the minaret where they can enjoy a commanding view of the cityscape.

Mangrove eco tourism locates in east Surabaya. This place offers you a beautiful scenery. After you arrived, you have to walk around 1 kilometer through a wooden bridge. You can rent a boat for the mangrove journey. It takes about 10 minutes to go from the first harbor to the seaside. Along the journey, you can see many wild animals such as bird, fish n sometime if you are lucky, you can see monkey among the tree. The journey ends in seaside. From there you can walk among a rattan bridge and see the mangrove all the way to gazebo. From the Gazebo, you can see beautiful scenery of Selat Sunda and hear the voice of the sea. If the sun shine brightly, you can also see Madura island from there.