October 9-10, 2019, Batu-Malang, Indonesia


There are several rules to Submit your paper :

  1. Please prepare your paper according to the IEEE template that can be downloaded from IEEE Conference Proceedings template.
    • Microsoft Word 2003 (A4) Template, click HERE.
    • LaTeX Template , click HERE.
    • LaTeX Bibliography files, click HERE.
  2. The paper should not have page number, header or footer.
  3. The paper should be written in English, including tables and figures content.
  4. The paper should be converted to PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress Plus.
    • IEEE PDF eXpress Plus, click HERE.
    • Conference ID: 41200xp
  5. Please log in the electronic submission system (EDAS) to submit your full paper by following this link https://edas.info/newPaper.php?c=23113
  6. For visiting participant, please fill-in the online registration form that can be accessed HERE.
  7. Each paper is minimum consist of 3 pages upto 6 pages , including abstract, all figures, tables, and references.
  8. Extra pages will be charged at $50 (US dollars) per extra page (more than 6 pages). Paper consists more than 9 pages will be rejected.
  9. We only accept paper in PDF with minimum version is 1.5
  10. Submissions that do not meet ICAMIMIA 2019 requirement formats will be rejected

For more detail tutorial about submission using EDAS please read on this LINK.

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