August 27-28, 2019, Surabaya, Indonesia

Keynote Speaker

1. Pascal Dricot

2. Dr. Ir. Endra Pitowarno, M.Eng.

3. Alfina Wijanarno, ST, PMP, CFT

4. Aris Budiyarto, Dipl.Ing

5. A/Prof Mahardhika Pratama

6. Dr Sreenatha G. Anavatti


Pascal Dricot
PT Siemens Indonesia

Pascal Dricot currently works as factory automation business unit head in Siemens Indonesia. He is holding the title Master of Science in the field of electromechanical engineering technology from Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen - Vlaamse Autonome Hogeschool in Brussel. His specialities are SCADA, PLC and automation system.

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Dr. Ir. Endra Pitowarno, M.Eng.
Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia

Dr. Ir. Endra Pitowarno earned a Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering at the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. He continued his education to earn a Master's degree and Doctorate in the field of Robotics at University of Technology Malaysia. Endra Pitowarno has been a lecturer and researcher in EEPIS since 1987. EEPIS become champion seven times in a row in the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) and the Indonesian Smart Robot Contest (KRCI) could not be separated from the cold hands of Dr. Ir Endra Pitowarno. He is one of a handful of pioneers correctional robot technology in ITS. Endra have an obsession to make the robot closer to everyday people. Studying together with four friends in the country Sakura for a year since 1989 is the beginning of the story of his travels in Robocon PENS ITS development. Endra has been writing a lot of book about robotics, one of them is "Robotics, Design, Control, and Artificial Intelligence".

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Alfina Wijanarno,ST, PMP, CFT
Rockwell Automation Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd, Indonesia

Alfina Wijanarno is graduated from Department of Engineering Physics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. He started his carees as assistant instrument and control engineer at INCO Indonesia. Since 2015, he works as OEM Sales Manager at Rockwell Automation Southeast Asia after 3 years worked as solutions architect at the same company. He has much instrumentation and control system engineering experiences to be used for mining, oil & gas and manufacturing application.

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Aris Budiyarto, Dipl.Ing
PT. Bhimasena Research and Development, Indonesia

He is currently a CEO of PT. Bhimasena Research and Development. As a private research-based technology and development company, Bhimasena serves the industry by alloying topquality human resources, high-end research infrastructure and access to a vast market of high potential. The company further extends its capabilities by creating international partnerships and global alliances with laboratories and research centers worldwide. Bhimasena’s corporate strength is centered on its ability to provide innovative tailored technology solutions to a wide range of clientele in the automotive, aerospace and high-tech industries while aiming to be a leading center of technological excellence in the region.

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A/Prof Mahardhika Pratama
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Mahardhika Pratama received his PhD degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2014. He completed his PhD in 2.5 years with a special approval of the UNSW higher degree committee due to his outstanding PhD research achievement. Dr. Pratama is currently working at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore as an Assistant Professor.

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Dr Sreenatha G. Anavatti
UNSW Canberra, Australia

Dr. Anavatti was and Assistant Professor (1991 to 1997) at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India; Associate Professor (1997 to 1998) at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India; Lecturer (1998 to 2001) & Senior Lecturer (2001-) at University of New South Wales, ADFA Campus, Canberra. In these positions, he have taught in Flight Mechanics, Flight Control Systems, Missile Guidance, Spacecraft Dynamics, Orbital Mechanics, Classical and Modern Control Theory.

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